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  English festival for Vinh Tan primary school

English festival for Vinh Tan primary school
In order to create a playground for Vinh Tan students in Vinh Linh district to bring students into English speaking environment inside and outside the classrooms so that they have more opportunities to improve the skills of using the language they are learning. Vinh Tan primary school held an English Festival for Primary Students for the first time on April 19th 2018.


      4 teams includes 20 students from grade 3,4 and 5

Coming to the festival, beside about 100 students from grade 3,4 and 5, there were also many delegates, teachers and parents such as: Mrs Bui Thi Thanh Ha-principal of Vinh Tan primary school. Mrs Hoang Kim Lien – vice principal of Vinh Tan primary school. Mrs Ngo Thi Dieu Hang and Duong Thanh Trang- English teachers from Cuu Tung Pimary school- Ms Do Thi Thanh-English teacher from Vinh Giang Primary school

Trong Com song by Englis   


 Dancing with Bingo song

The festival included 4 parts:Greeting; Read the cuts-up and reorder them to make a correct passage;Vinh Tan got talent, Make the shop and purchase them.

Greeting Part


      “Reordering the passage” part

      “Vĩnh Tân gót talent” part  - Dancing with Dear Việt Nam sống

“Vĩnh Tân got talent” part  - Describing a picture “ Vinh Tan village“ by English

           “Vĩnh Tân got talent” part  - Fashion show


                                                              “Going shopping” part
The festival was attractive from the start with the music shows of students from Vinh Tan primary school until the end with buying and selling products with topics ( fashion, school things, souvenir and food/drink). At the end of the festival, Mrs Bui Thi Thanh Ha- principal of Vinh Tan Primary school - awarded for 4 teams which took part in the festival and make a speech to close the festival successful.

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